HOSPACE 2019 | 28th November 2019





HOSPA 300 Small

HOSPA 300 is a challenge, for a sponsor, who has EXACTLY 300 seconds and five slides to deliver a message or information in an informative, entertaining and humorous way to the entire audience.

There is a 30 second warning and a count down from 10 seconds, when yes, we do cut off the presentation at exactly 300 seconds.

The HOSPA 300 presentations can be very varied and add an unusual break to the pattern of sessions within the conference!

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Are you considering developing your career in Finance or Revenue Management? Looking to build on the skills and expertise of your team? Or struggling to keep up with the demands of these dynamic fields? If so, you and your team could benefit from understanding more about HOSPA’s Financial Management and Revenue Management education programmes, which:

  • Provide the practical skills and understanding required to manage the Finance or Revenue Management function in a hospitality unit
  • Enhance career development in these dynamic fields
  • Lead to HOSPA Associate Cert. membership on completion.

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       Kieran Fahy